Flash Game Contest 2

Final contest results and bonus winners are announced below followed by comments on specific games. Congrats to the winners and to everyone who took part.

Final Prize Results

1st Place Prize worth $10,000 is:
Buccaneer Battle

2nd Place Prize worth $6,500 is:
The Game

3rd Place Prize worth $4,000 is:

4th Place Prize worth $2,500 is:
Punch Tom Out

5th Place Prize worth $1,250 is:
Super Marine

6th Place Prize worth $750 is:
Malle and Lenny

7th Place Prize worth $600 is:
The Insanity Box

8th Place Prize worth $500 is:
Bob the Blob

9th Place Prize worth $400 is:
Breach 2

10th Place Prize worth $250 is:


Final Bonus Results

Best Physics game bonus worth $500 is:

Best Fighting game bonus worth $500 is:
Punch Tom Out

Best RPG game bonus worth $500 is:
Halloween Hunt 2

Best Shooter game bonus worth $500 is:
Breach 2

Best Platform game bonus worth $500 is:

Best Graphics/Art game bonus worth $500 is:
Buccaneer Battle

Best Original game bonus worth $500 is:
The Game

Best Main Menu in a game bonus worth $500 is:
Punch Tom Out

Best Intro Animation in a game bonus worth $500 is:
The Game



Tom Fulp (
Adam (
Skye (
Joe Max (

Skye on Co-Operation: A highly innovative, very fun game mechanic

Adam on Buccanneer Battle: Wow! This was fun. It's not without its
flaws... with the first level being harder then the rest of the game.
I played this when it first came out and quit a few minutes into the
first level. Now I've played it all the way through. Very nice and I
think a clear 1st place winner.

Adam on Super Marine: I love the combination of RTS/base defense and
first person controls.  Different Weapons, upgrades.  I really like
this one.

Adam on The Game: Honestly if it wasn't for the high score I would have
stopped playing after walking off the cliff for the third time.
Definitely a fun ride with this one!  [I'm tempted to put this a
little lower since it was more a show / interactive video vs. a
challenging game.

Adam on Malle and Lenny: Fun platformer.  Maybe a little hard but I liked
pushing boxes,  the levers that moved towards your weight.  Was also
fun knocking that octopus off the log. ;)

Adam Bob the Blob: I like this one.  Neat mechanic with the colors and
blocks.  Although hitting a dead end at the janitors office was really

Adam on Star Stalker: Game has been done before but the flow of the game
was nice.  Timed well to the music, powers up added some variety.

Adam on Floes: Presentation could be better but its a neat idea and I
liked the pseudo 3d.

Tom Fulp on The Game: This is one of the most clever things I've seen in a while. The longer
I played, the more amazed I was by how much CONTENT is in here, and

Tom Fulp on Buccaneer Battle: A perfect example of why more programmers should team up with artists, rather than go solo. The art is amazing, the programming is amazing
and the game is a ton of fun to play.

Tom Fulp on Cooperation: Ever since The Pan, I've wanted to make a game where players can hoist and pull eachother up ledges. Looks like I-Smel beat me to it, and without requiring two players! This is an inventive puzzle platformer.

Tom Fulp on Dual: I always like it when people tackle platformer engines in Flash. The
wide view and expansive level layouts provided a somewhat unique run 'n gun experience.

Tom Fulp on Cheat 2 Win: I enjoy the clever puzzles that test your knowledge of Flash exploits!

$40,000 in Cash Plus additional revenue

Contest start date is July 1st, 2008 to October 31st, 2008

Number of Submissions: 36

Number of Submissions for the July Bonus: 4
Number of Submissions for the August Bonus: 10
Number of Submissions for the September Bonus: 10
Number of submissions for October (final month): 12

The Contest has ended!

(updated last on November 1st 2008)

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