Flash Portal Game Contest # 1

$10,000 US in Prizes!!!

1st Place: $ 3000.00

2nd Place: $ 2000.00

3rd Place: $ 1500.00

4th Place: $ 900.00

5th Place: $ 550.00

6th Place: $ 400.00

7th Place: $ 300.00

8th Place: $ 200.00

9th Place: $ 150.00

10th, 11th, 12th, 13, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th Place: $100.00

Game Prizes Are Final.


Rules and How to Submit:

Contest Info:

1. Game Size: The flash game file size must be less then 7MB. Flash Game Max dimensions Must not exceed 800H x 700W.

2. Formats: The game must be made using Flash (.swf)

3. Winning: A games success is decided by the Flash Portal staff.

4. Include a link: "Presented by: Flashportal.com or Play Games at Flashportal.com" in the opening menu of the game. The link must open "Flashportal.com" in a new window when clicked. You must also use the Flashportal preloader to load the game. Flashportal has provided the preloader which you can download from this site here, as well as a flashportal intro provided. Your game must follow these regulations if submitted to other websites, or your game will be disqualified. - You may change the preloader and intro slightly to be more fitting for your game if we find it an acceptable change.

5. New Game: Games which you enter in the contest cannot be or have been submitted to other sites until the contest begins.

6. Multiple Submissions: You can submit as many games as you like, and win more then once.

7. Deadlines & Payment: Games must be submitted before April 30th 2006. All prizes will be paid by May 20th 2006 by Paypal or Check.

8. Other: By submitting a game entry, Flashportal is allowed to distribute the game on its website, as well as other websites. Flashportal will not claim authorship of the game.

9. Submitting: You must fill out all the required information as displayed Below and submit to:

10.) Approval: Game must meet our approval, we do not accept R rated content.

11.) You Can Not: Resell sponsorship elsewhere without our approval, you must only have the flashportal sponsored version on the Internet, and can't make other versions without.

Other questions contact Jason W

Email Subject: ( Submission)

Flash Game Name: (Game Name)

Game Description: (Description)

Game Dimensions: (Height and Width of the swf)

Author Name: (Your Name)

Website: (Your Website URL)

Contact Email and/or Messenger info: (Your email address/ messenger handle)

Preferred Payment method: (Paypal or Check)

Paypal Email: (Your Paypal account email, Only if you don't want us to send you a check)

Address: (Your home address, only if you don't have paypal)

Submit your flash game, for the Flashportal contest

Simply copy and paste the info below into your email, fill in all the necessary information and include your flash game as an attachment.

Questions? Comments? Contact Jason W

Note: *All criteria on this page are subject to change with the exception that the Game Prizes Are Final, and will not change. please check back for updates.

Note: * A contract must be signed by any authors that submit to this contest to be elegable for prizes.



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